Composition of the Board

The Swedish Corporate Governance Board consists of a chair, a deputy chair if so elected, and a maximum of twelve other members. The whole of the board is appointed by the Board of the Association for Good Practice on the Securities Market.

The role of members of the Board

The role of each member of the Board is to contribute unique knowledge and experience, not to represent any particular interest group.

The statutes of the Board

The Board's statutes state that it should have a membership structure that inspires confidence in its ability to maintain and monitor the Code with a high level of expertise and complete integrity. There should be a balance between the following fields of experience, expertise and perspectives among the Board's members:

  • Institutional, private, and state ownership.
  • The Swedish and international capital markets.
  • Executive management and directorship.

The Board has a secretariat, which is responsible for day-to-day activities and is led by the Executive Director.